Gasless Laparoscopic Surgery Course

Gas less Laparoscopic surgeries has many advantages for the rural surgeons. It is possible under spinal anesthesia. The familiar open surgical instruments could be used. The equipment is low cost and sturdy and has all the advantages of minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries without the disadvantages like the physiological changes and complications of regular laparoscopic surgery.

The MD Current India an online Journal has kindly consented to host the course free of cost. Only those who require certification from Karunya University need to pay a nominal amount for the certificate after the contact program. For online lessons and watching live and recorded videos through LapGuru it is totally free. Those who are interested can visit the following web site register with MD Current India and enroll for the course

Lot of doctors from Nigeria have already registered. You need not be from India to register and enroll for the online course. Another course called Minimally invasive surgery for rural surgeons would be available soon.

With warm regards

J. Gnanaraj

J. Gnanaraj MS, MCh (Urology), FARSI, FICS, FIAGES

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