The price of gold: The caregivers

Thousands of women are left to care for and support their husbands who have been left jobless and sick after contracting silicosis in the gold mines. Silicosis is a preventable lung disease that affects thousands of gold miners in South Africa. When miners are sent home, sick and unable to work, it is left to women to provide support and care in the most adverse conditions. This is their story. In October 2015, the Johannesburg High Court will decide if a group of miners and widows can file a class action lawsuit against the gold mining industry….see video

2 thoughts on “The price of gold: The caregivers

  1. It should be noted that according to the Compensation of occupational Injuries and Diseases Act of 1993 workers are compensated according to their impairment and do receive a disability pension from the Compensation Commissioner. This however is not sufficient to support a family.


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