FINAL CALL: BMA Information Fund applications deadline is Monday 28 September 2015, 5pm (BST)

The BMA Information Fund 2015 is open for applications until 5.00pm (BST) on Monday 28th September, or until 100 applications are received. The Information Fund provides health information and educational materials to health-focussed organisations in developing countries.

Who can apply?

  • *             Health care institutions
  • *             Medical schools
  • *             Libraries
  • *             Health-focused non-governmental organisations and similar organisations

What do we donate?

  • *             Educational and training materials (e.g. books, CDs, DVDs).
  • *             There is a maximum limit of £1500 for each application. However, quantities requested may be reduced due to the high number of applications.
  • *             We do not donate money.

How to apply:

Thanks and best wishes

Martin Carroll

Deputy Head OISC Level 1 Immigration Adviser

International Department Policy Directorate

British Medical Association London, UK Tel: +44 (0)207 383 6231

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