WONCA E-update 16 OCTOBER 2015

WONCA News – October 2015

The latest WONCA News, containing the usual mix of WONCA news, views and events, is available via the WONCA website.

October’s Policy Bite

This month’s policy bite is authored by Dr Luisa Pettigrew.  Luisa is a member of the WONCA Executive and is our Liaison Person with the WHO.  She discusses the challenges of measuring outcomes in relation to the new Sustainable Development Goals and talks about WONCA’s inputs into the process.  

Featured doctors

Two more interesting doctors are featured in WONCA News this month.

Professor Rich Withnall of UK is Convener of the WONCA Special Interest Group on Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine.  Find out more about Rich, and about the activities of the SIG he leads.   

A/Professor Roar Maagaard of Denmark is Chair of the Host Organizing Committee for the 2016 WONCA Europe conference in Copenhagen.  Next month’s WONCA News will have more details of that conference, but for now you can find out more about the man himself. 

Future WONCA Conferences

Whilst Roar will tell us more about Copenhagen 2016 next month, and whilst many of us are heading to Istanbul for this year’s WONCA Europe conference, we’d like to highlight some other WONCA regional conferences scheduled for the first part of 2016.  Of course details of all WONCA conferences can be found by clicking on the “conferences” link above.

WONCA South Asia Region – in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 13th and 14th February 2016, and pre-conference on 12th February.  The theme of the conference is “Reaching across the shores to strengthen Primary Care” and abstract submission is now open.  For more details of this event go to the WONCA website.

WONCA Eastern Mediterranean Region – in Dubai from 17th to 19th March, with the Al Razi (EMR young doctor movement) pre-conference on 16th March.  More details are available from the WONCA website. The call for abstracts has gone out, and more details can be found from the website.

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