Achieving the new global health targets: How to measure progress?

As we have discussed here on HIFA during September, the achievement of the new global health targets (SDG3) is fundamentally dependent on a common understanding of how they are defined (which is clear for some targets but not others), and agreement on how progress will be measured. I was interested to learn how far nation states have agreed on indicators for the SDGs, and particularly for SDG 3.

Following a high-level meeting, a document has been released, listing indicators against each SDG target, colour-coded as follows:

‘GREEN: Indicators for which there is general agreement (or small modifications proposed), based on the fact that less than 25% of

respondents have strong concerns/expressed need to discuss on priority basis; no strong opposing views by members; furthermore, some of

these indicators are already well established;

YELLOW: Indicators where there are some unresolved issues or different alternative proposals, which could be resolved during the meeting;

GREY: Indicators where it appears that more in-depth discussion is still needed and/or methodological development needs to be undertaken.’

Please see the document here:

You will note that there is a high level of agreement for most of the SDG 3 indicators. However, the indicators for one of the critical targets – target 3.8 Universl Health Coverage – is colour-coded grey. The original proposed indicators under discussion for this target are ‘Coverage of tracer interventions (e.g. child full immunization, ARV therapy, TB treatment, hypertension treatment, skilled attendant at birth, etc.)’

A public consultation on the green indicators (but not the yellow/grey ones) has been opened here:

Best wishes, Neil

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