Indicators to measure progress

One of the fundamental requirements for rapid progress is the ability to measure such progress. In no area is this more important than in maternal, newborn and child health.

‘Although the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) sparked an increase in data collection, most countries still do not have timely data about how many of the women, adolescents, children, and newborns who need effective interventions are receiving them. This is unacceptable, and the global health community can do better…’

This is the key message of a Comment in next week’s issue of The Lancet (16 October 2015). The authors say: ‘What is needed is a core set of coverage indicators (ie, about 15) that are informative, feasible, and cost effective to collect, to continue the work of Countdown and the independent Expert Review Group of the Commission on Information and Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health. Each indicator must be accompanied by standard measurement methods, and the whole package should be agreed on by global normative agencies including the UN, major donors, and national governments.’

CITATION: Maternal, newborn, and child health and the Sustainable Development Goals—a call for sustained and improved measurement

John Grove, Mariam Claeson, Jennifer Bryce, Agbessi Amouzou, Ties Boerma, Peter Waiswa, Cesar Victora, Kirkland Group

The Lancet, Volume 386, No. 10003, p1511–1514, 17 October 2015

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