Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals kick off this month. Francis Omaswa welcomes the SDGs, but wonders if they are a bit too wide-ranging to capture the imagination of politicians and the community at large? Francis Omaswa. Africa Health (September 2015) p7’%20Opinion.pdf

SELECTED EXTRACTS (selected by Neil PW)

‘The challenge that I see facing us, the techno-professionals in Africa is how to simplify and sell this message to our political leaders and the general populations. As I see it, African countries can achieve UHC, provided that we move from thinking of health as treating illness and preventing disease by designated health workers.’

‘Embedding health in the routine governance of society will ensure that the laws that we make provide populations to live pro-health lives. This calls for law enforcement arms of governments and society to give priority to ensuring that laws that protect and promote health are complied with by individuals and communities.’

‘Healthcare and health services will of course be needed and the scope will be determined by the resources available, and the priorities set with active participation of the populations. These priorities define the affordable Basic Health Packages for countries and communities. Here the roles of community health workers will deliver UHC that leaves no one behind and the level of sophistication will grow over time.’

Best wishes, Neil

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