Free iPhone app to support Critical Appraisal Skills in English and Spanish

‘CASP The Critical Appraisal Skills Program is an efficient way to look at a paper and now you don’t need to use forms or papers to do this if you have an iphone because (CASPe) has created a CASP app for that.’

‘CASP now has a great easy to use mobile app that is free for iphone. With this app you can appraise eight kinds of studies. The app will store your results and it is easy to use even while sitting in a conference or a classroom. The CASP app was built for the iphone but mine works on the ipad too. The CASP app comes in English and Spanish. It takes minutes to do an appraisal and yet CASP leaves the work to you. The CASP developers offer expert tools for the job in a simple easy to use format. The app prompts you to create a title for your journal article review, add the PubMed ID or link and select the appropriate CASP worksheet (eight different study design options are included). CASP contains an outstanding A-Z Evidence Based Practice glossary and a section called Calculators that you can use to work out a number needed to treat (NNT) and pretest probabilities. If you need more guidance you can always get this from the CASP website and if you are Spanish see the critical appraisal program in Spain (CASPe) The Spanish group were the app creators lead by Dr Juan Cabello’.

Best wishes, Neil

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