WHO/USAID/UNICEF – Improving nutrition outcomes with better WASH: Practical solutions for policy and programmes

Improving nutrition outcomes with better water, sanitation, and hygiene: Practical solutions for policy and programmes, 2015. WHO/USAID/UNICEF.

The report is on the WHO website


This document provides an overview of the evidence of nutrition gains that can be achieved with improved WASH, a description of key WASH practices, and practical knowledge and guidance on how to integrate WASH into nutrition programmes, including important monitoring and evaluation (M&E) aspects. The document concludes by providing a suite of case-studies and lessons learnt in ntegrating WASH with nutrition efforts.

This publication is intended primarily for nutrition programme managers and implementers working in developing countries who are seeking information about key WASH interventions that support nutritional outcomes, how to integrate such interventions into nutrition programmes, and related M&E considerations.

An important secondary audience is WASH programme managers and implementers who will find models and platforms at the household, health care facility and community levels for supporting integration efforts and establishing partnerships across sectors.

Finally, this publication can be useful for governments, donors, foundations and nongovernmental

organizations (NGOs) that are seeking to maximize health gains through greater integration and joint monitoring of nutrition and WASH efforts.

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