Three New Briefs Highlight Achievements in West and Central Africa

The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT recently issued three new briefs highlighting its work improving contraceptive security in West and Central Africa. Each brief is available in English and French.

Collaboration with the West African Health Organization (WAHO) to Improve Contraceptive Security summarizes some of the achievements resulting from the project’s strategic partnership with WAHO, and demonstrates how these achievements have led to greater support for contraceptive security.

Health Logistics Students Gain Valuable Quantification Skills discusses the project’s collaboration with the National School of Public Health in Burkina Faso to develop and teach a training course in quantification of health products for the school’s two-year master’s degree program in health logistics.

Early Warning System for Contraceptives in West and Central Africa Improves Supply Availability is an updated project brief that outlines how the Early Warning System for contraceptives has improved the visibility and monitoring of contraceptive stock status, and mitigated critical contraceptive stock imbalances in the project’s 13 target countries.

Together, these three briefs provide an introduction to some of the project’s work in West and Central Africa. For more information, see the West and Central Africa Overview.

Download the briefs:

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