Publish Open Access with reduced, or even no, article publishing charges on Taylor & Francis journals for researchers in EIFL network countries

Researchers based in 45 countries are now able to publish open access (OA) in many Taylor & Francis and Routledge fully OA journals using greatly reduced and, in many cases, no article publishing charge (APC).

As part of a growing commitment to support open access publishing in emerging countries, we have been working with EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries) to introduce a 12 month agreement which enables researchers to publish OA in 66 journals with a discounted, or even no, APC.

This discount or waiver applies to fully OA journals ranging across disciplines, including the sciences, social sciences and humanities, and is open to 45 EIFL network countries, with the aim of making publishing OA accessible for researchers in countries with developing or transition economies.

To take advantage of the reduced, or even waived, APC, researchers can check which countries are included, which Taylor & Francis journals are participating, and the relevant EIFL article publishing charge at There are also step-by-step instructions on how to submit your paper under the EIFL OA agreement.

Find out more about publishing OA with Taylor & Francis with our OA basics factsheet:

Best wishes,


Elaine Devine, Senior Communications Manager (Author Relations)

Taylor & Francis Group –

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