Distributing health content where there is no Internet

Hey All

I am at Wikimania this week, our yearly Wikipedia conference. Have met with a number of technology people who are doing some amazing things. A gentleman by the name of Tim Moody is with Internet in a Box. They have a product that is basically a wifi hotspot linked to a 128Gb SD card that runs off a battery pack.

They have a setup where they have loaded all of Wikipedia plus a bunch of TED talks, Khan Academy videos, etc onto the thing such that people who are nearby are able to download the content to their cell phones via wifi. Basically it is ready to be shipped.

The question is are organizations interested in:

Buying these devices for about 200 to 250 USD, maybe less if a bunch are ordered? Such a device could be placed in libraries, health clinics, or schools.

Interested in putting further content onto these devices before they are shipped?

James Heilman

MD, CCFP-EM, Wikipedian

The Wikipedia Open Textbook of Medicine


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