WHIG: Dutch platform for Family Medicine and International Health

WHIG wants to contribute to the development of FM in low income countries.

Means are:

  • Being a platform for those GPs who are active in the exchange of expertise and are willing to contribute to this.
  • Offering expertise on FM for capacity building  in FM-training sites. E.g. support FM-training in Eldoret (read the executive summary  of the Kenyan Family Medicine strategy for the Kenyan Ministry of Health). See also The ‘Peter Manschot fund’ for activities they fund.
  • Facilitate the exchange of young doctors. We help Dutch trainees in FM and GPs to increase their knowledge on global diseases (import diseases).
  • Contribute to the FM-orientation of those doctors who want to work in a low resource country.
  • Contribute to the FM-orientation of those doctors/ MO’s who have to do compulsary service in their country. See also Medicus Tropicus sept 2010 48-3
  • Contribute in research and publication on the subject.

See important mentions of Family Medicine in Africa at the website here

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