Open access article publishing charges for researchers based in EIFL network countries

If you are based in one of the EIFL network countries listed below the following article publishing charge discounts or waivers can be used by you to publish in many of our pure open access (OA) journals. Check the complete list of participating OA journals and find out more about our EIFL OA agreement on Taylor & Francis’ Author Services website.

Country APC Armenia $250 Azerbaijan $250 Belarus $250 Bosnia and Herzegovina $250 Botswana $250 Cambodia Full waiver Congo (Democratic Republic) $250 Estonia $250 Ethiopia Full waiver Fiji $250 Georgia $250 Ghana Full waiver Kenya Full waiver Kosovo $250 Kyrgyzstan Full waiver Laos Full waiver Latvia $250 Lesotho Full waiver Lithuania $250 Macedonia $250 Malawi Full waiver Maldives $250 Moldova $250 Myanmar Full waiver Namibia Full waiver Nepal Full waiver Palestine $250 Senegal Full waiver Serbia $250 Tanzania Full waiver Thailand $250 Uganda Full waiver Ukraine $250 Uzbekistan Full waiver Zambia Full waiver Zimbabwe Full waiver

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