AFREhealth News June 2020

We are well into the COVID-19 pandemic, and across Africa, there is a call to ease lockdown measures and restart the econo-my. However, it still falls to us as scientists, researchers, health care professionals, and leaders to keep up the message of physical distancing, use of masks and washing hands frequently. 

Pandemics come without a rule book. We do not know how the disease will progress, as we are still understanding the virus, and effective therapies. In the interim however, we can continue to strengthen our work-force, and provide them with the tools to provide quality and effective care. AFREhealth has engaged in a series of ac-tivities to do just that. Webinars, publica-tions on websites and in scientific journals and even animations are being used. We can however, only build on this by having mem-bers share their experience and expertise. Write to us, either for the newsletter, or in the AFREhealth blog. Tel us what you need. Share with us your best practices. Share your frustrations and successes. 

It is up to African researchers, scientists and healthcare workers, together with econo-mists and social scientists to define and re-spond to this challenge so that we can work for solutions for Africa ourselves and strengthen our systems for our people by understanding our local contexts. 

This newsletter presents some of the COVID-19 work. It does present other activities as well. A reminder that though we are dealing with a pandemic, other activities and other diseases still still deserve our attention. Stay safe and healthy! …..


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