AfroPHC: An Ally Improving PHC

AfroPHC is now an Ally Improving PHC

Dear friends,

Two years ago, at the Global Conference on Primary Health Care (PHC) in Astana, world leaders committed to strengthening PHC as the cornerstone of resilient health systems as the most effective pathway toward health for all. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has made acting on those commitments more urgent than ever.

On today’s second anniversary of the Declaration of Astana, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Allies Improving PHC, 29 diverse organizations committed to advancing PHC on the road to health for all. This community is joining together across regions and issue areas to call for collective action on improving PHC as the most effective way to meet the majority of health needs in times of crisis and calm. If your organization is committed to PHC and interested in becoming an Ally, we hope you will reach out through this survey. 

We are excited to kick off #StrongerwithPHC, a virtual campaign to amplify and remind the global community of the promise of Astana. To amplify this critical call for stronger PHC for all, we hope you will join in online using this social toolkit, which includes content to promote, graphics to share and handles to follow throughout this week (26-30 October). 

We are also delighted to share a commentary in BMJ Opinion – co-authored by the PHCPI Steering Committee Members – which highlights the commitments made at Astana and the importance of redoubling our efforts to improve PHC as we continue to contend with COVID-19. 

We must strengthen PHC as the cornerstone of effective, equitable health systems as countries recover from the pandemic and beyond.  Today, let us be reminded that we are #StrongerwithPHC, and that together, we can make #HealthforAll a reality. 


Beth Tritter
Executive Director
Primary Health Care Performance Initiative 

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