AfroPHC Workshop 19th Oct “Rural issues in African PHC”

We are really pleased that AfroPHC to partner with the WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice “Rural WONCA” in their Ugandan-hosted Webinar Series. We invite you to a joint eWorkshop 1-4 pm Central Africa Time on Tuesday 19th October on “Exploring Rural Issues in African PHC”. Check for your local time here.

AfroPHC leaders will introduce the session and panellists.

  • Prof Bruce Chater – Overview of global rural health issues/policies
  • Prof Zakiur Rahman – Rural challenges in less developed countries: Bangladesh as example.
  • Dr Innocent Besigye – rural African challenges for PHC
  • Ms Jana Muller – team issues in rural African PHC
  • Prof Rokia Sanogo – engaging traditional healers in rural African PHC

We will then break up into small groups for 45 minutes to discuss the question “How do we improve rural African PHC?” We will close the meeting with feedback and summarising key issues. See profiles of speakers below. Look at the Blueprint for Rural Health . Register below. We will send link before meeting.

Bruce Chater is family physician and the Chair of the Wonca Working Party on Rural Practice. He is also a professor in the Mayne Academy of Rural and Remote Medicine, University of Queensland, Immediate Past Chair, Statewide Rural and Remote Clinical Network, Department of Health, Queensland and Medical Superintendent with Right to Private Practice, Theodore and Medical Director, Banana Health Service, Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service 

Zakiur Rahman is a family physician in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is an associate professor of Family Medicine linked to the Bangladesh College of General Practitioners. He is a five star doctor awardee in Wonca South Asia 2021. He is currently working in rural center more the 100 km far from capital Dhaka. He is the President of Primary Care & Rural Health Bangladesh since 2015. He is a member of Rural Wonca with the executive portfolio of research since 2016.

Innocent Besigye is a family physician in Uganda, the chair of the Ugandan Family Physicians Association and President of AfroPHC. He also serves on the executive committee of Primafamed, the family medicine training network in Africa and is linked to the Besrour Forum. He is co-editor of the African Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care

Jana Müller is an academic coordinator at Ukwanda CRH, Stellenbosch University, South Africa with a focus on interprofessional education and collaborative care. She has been involved with students facilitation and community engagement in rural communities since 2011 and assisted with the expansion of clinical training to Upington in the Northern Cape, South Africa. A physiotherapist by profession, she has a special interest in rural health professions education and interprofessional primary health care.

Rokia Sanogo is s pharmacologist with a PhD working in Titulaire des Universités – Chef de DER des Sciences Pharmaceutiques, Faculté de Pharmacie – USTTB – Chef de Département Médecine Traditionnelle – Institut National de Recherche en Santé Publique B.P. 1746 in Bamako, Mali.

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