AfroPHC Executive Coordination Team

The AfroPHC Executive Coordination Team is growing as young people from across Africa are supporting work in AfroPHC and being capacitated in leadership. Watch out for the future!

I set up a small group of AfroPHC activists who I would like to groom to support me with the organisational tasks I perform as Executive Coordinator – the AfroPHC Executive Coordination Team (ECT). We have met on several occasions to build capacity as well as to help me prepare plans for the AfroPHC Executive Board to approve. A number of AfroPHC members (including from the Youth Hub) have joined. I have tried to develop them in various skills e.g. managing a website, using social media, graphic skills using free/cheap online software, managing minutes/notices, managing zoom etc.  They will be expected to voluntarily do small related tasks for AfroPHC under my direction. Hopefully they will become a pool of potential future Executive Coordinators.

Shabir Moosa

AfroPHC Executive Coordinator

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