AfroPHC Workshop 15th Mar “Value of Pharmacists in African PHC”

Join AfroPHC is its next interactive AfroPHC Policy Workshop on “The value of Pharmacists in African PHC” 1-4 pm Central Africa Time on Tuesday 15th March. Check your local time here.

Our panel, moderated by Dr Mercy Wanjala, is made of the following pharmacists and their topics. See their bios below.

  • Dr. Nseabasi Ekanem: “Strengthening the involvement of Pharmacists in the provision of life-saving vaccines for infectious disease control; Opportunities and Challenges”. 
  • Dr. David Odhiambo: “Modelling the integration of Pharmacists in Primary Healthcare towards the realization of SDG-3
  • Ms. Tolulope Osigbesan: “The role of Pharmacists In PHC: A case-study on NCDs”.

After the panel discussion of 1 hour we will break up into small groups with specific facilitators / language groups for 45 minutes to discuss the following question/s. 

  1. What role does the pharmacist play at the primary care level in your country/ region?
  2. What are the challenges that pharmacists experience in offering their services at the primary care level?
  3. What do you think needs to be done to integrate and improve pharmacy services at the primary health care level in order to support UHC in Africa?

We will close the meeting with feedback and summarise key issues. We want to build discussions into the draft AfroPHC Policy Document “Building the PHC Team for UHC in Africa”. The panel and feedback will have French translations.

Please register your interest for the Policy Workshops on the AfroPHC policy page. We will provide you the zoom meeting details a few days before the meeting.

See recording of workshop and presentations below

Dr. Nseabasi Emmanuel Ekanem

Speakers Bios

Emmanuel is a 33-year-old Nigerian Pharmacist who is passionate about expanding the roles of Pharmacists at the primary care level. Ekanem is currently the Secretary of the Vaccine Monitoring and Evaluation Committee in charge of the Covid-19 vaccine roll out across community pharmacies in Nigeria. He is also undertaking a Master of Science degree in Public Health at the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria. Ekanem is the founder of Trinity Healthcare Foundation, an award-winning Non-profit organization working to strengthen access to healthcare delivery for the most vulnerable in Nigeria. He has also consulted for several other organizations towards the delivery of a number of Global health projects in areas such as Viral hepatitis, HIV, Malaria, Family planning, Nutrition (Vitamin A Supplementation) and Neglected Tropical Diseases. Ekanem loves reading, traveling, and watching movies at leisure times

Dr. Odhiambo David

David is a pharmacist with a passion for and commitment to improving access to quality healthcare services for all and nurturing socially responsible generations through his vocation. He is a Regulatory Affairs Associate with Novartis based in Kenya. He doubles up as co-founder, Ryculture Health and Social Innovation, a social enterprise committed to improving access to quality healthcare services and promoting human capital development in Africa and curator African Pharmaceutical Network (APN), an initiative working to mobilize pharmaceutical industry players in Africa for knowledge sharing, policy shaping and innovation nurturing discussions in efforts to improve access to quality, safe and efficacious healthcare products and services for the African populace. During his free time, he resorts to reading, blogging or entertaining friends

Ms.Tolulope Osigbesan

Tolu has over 10 years of work experience across the public health sector. She joined the NCD Alliance team in Geneva in 2019 to further develop NCD Alliance’s strategic relations with WHO, United Nations agencies and Member State missions. Before joining the NCDA, she worked in both the public and private health sectors in Nigeria. Her most recent role was with the secretariat of the United Nations Interagency Taskforce for Noncommunicable Diseases (UNIATF). Tolu is a pharmacist by training and holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She also serves on the Board of the African Forum for Primary Care (AfroPHC).

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