Collaborators for TUFH 2023

The network unity for health(TUF) has opened it’s portal for submission of abstract for TUFH 2023 at Dubai under the following themes and sub-themes. Those interested to collaborate on working on abstract(s) should let me know.

Beyond Boundaries: Health Equity through a Culture of Learning
TUFH 2023 Subthemes
How the Community learns
How Healthcare Practitioners learn
How Students learn
How Policymakers learn

Areas of interest for TUFH 2023

Revamping Health for All through Interprofessional Education, Collaboration, Training, and Practice
Becoming Socially Accountable Institutions
Raising Social Accountability Awareness
Expanding Global and Local Pandemic Preparedness
Assessing Technology Evolutions in Health
Taking Noncommunicable Diseases Seriously
Enriching Community Based Education
Strengthening the Health Workforce Team
Reinforcing Women’s Health
Improving Access to Healthcare
Engaging Policymakers
Producing Student Leaders
Enhancing health and Digital Literacy
“One Health”
Upgrading Innovative Teaching Methods, including Interactive ways of Learning
Building on Strengths in responding to Climate Change from the Village to the Globe
Looking at integrated Community Care
Promoting Healthy Ageing
Ameliorating Child Health

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