ICN NP/APN 2022 Dublin – a huge boost for APN/APM in Africa as Kenya win two LIMC Awards!

The ICN NP/APN 2022 has just ended with evidence of remarkable progress in APN/APM Africa.
Of significance, Associate Professor Eunice Ndirangu (Aga Khan East Africa Dean) and CEO/Registrar Edna Tallam-Kimaiyo (Nurses Council of Kenya) were awarded the two LIMC grants by the ICN NP/APNN (See attached photos – both with ICN CEO Howard Catton and ICN NP/APNN Chair Dr Daniela Lehwaldt

The two Kenyan nursing and midwifery leaders also presented on “Formative Research to inform Development of the Advanced Practice Nursing & Advanced Practice Midwifery Scopes of Practice in Kenya” & “Institutionalisation of APN & APM in Kenya” respectively during the conference.

Both Dr Ndirangu and CEO Tallam-Kimaiyo have consistently contributed towards APN Africa work including the Nairobi 2019 workshops and the APN Educational Leadership Symposium 2020 hosted by AfroPHC and ICN NP/APNN in collaboration with other key APN Stakeholders.

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