AfroPHC Policy Workshop on Women in African PHC

Join us at our next interactive AfroPHC Policy Workshop on “Women in African PHC” 11am-2pm Ghana, 12pm-3pm Nigeria, 1-4 pm Central/Southern Africa and 2-5pm Kenya next Tuesday 20th September. Check your local time here. Link below

Join Zoom Meeting | Meeting ID: 850 2305 9229 | Passcode: 241734

Our panel, moderated by Dr Jamie Colloty, is made up of the following expert: Dr. Elizabeth Reji, WONCA Working Party for Women in Family Medicine.

After the panel discussion of 1 hour, we will break up into small groups with specific facilitators / language groups for 45 minutes to discuss the following question/s.

  1. “What are the barriers/limitations to the involvement and participation in primary health care in Africa?( From both patient/community and provider perspective)”
  2. “What sustainable solutions can we implement to overcome these barriers/ limitations?”

We will close the meeting with feedback and summarise key issues. We want to build discussions into the draft AfroPHC Policy Document “Building the PHC Team for UHC in Africa”. The panel and feedback will have French translations. See more details, including speaker’s bios below.

Dr. Elizabeth Reji has been in WONCA Africa Executive Committee for the past 10 years as the member at large and currently, the treasurer of this committee. A member of  the Organisation Equity Committee WORLD WONCA and the Finance committee of the WONCA World. Ex-lead of WWPWFM Africa & currently, the Chair Elect for the WWPWFM WORLD. She holds a Master’s degree in Family Medicine (Pretoria university), Fellowship (College of Medicine, South Africa), Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science Education (Witwatersrand university). She is an Educator, Clinician, Administrator, Manager and Researcher. My mission is to encourage women to become a leader in any sphere of life.

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