African PHC service delivery under Universal Health Coverage (UHC) should be comprehensive, accessible, high quality, responsive to local needs, in partnership with communities and delivered by strong teamwork, training and supportive supervision.


To bring together the leadership of ALL health workers at the coalface in African primary care and to develop AfroPHC as the voice of the PC/PHC team, sharing resources and supporting each other in building the PHC team for UHC in Africa.

Strategic Objectives (2021-2025)

  1. Engage and advocate with stakeholders on appropriate PHC human resources and strong PHC teamwork for UHC
  2. Strengthen socially accountable PHC for communities in Africa
  3. Support local and country level PHC teamwork across Africa
  4. Capacitate PHC stakeholders at policy, management, clinical and health level
  5. Build research and evidence for appropriate PHC human resources and strong PHC teamwork for UHC
  6. Share information and communicate effectively to strengthen PHC teamwork and UHC across Africa.
  7. Build AfroPHC as organisation


The African Forum for Primary Care (AfroPHC) currently has a membership of 635 people from 64 countries (40 across the 54 countries in Africa). Most of the members (highest down) are from: Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, DR Congo etc.

The membership comes from a variety of professions and backgrounds (highest down): nurse, doctor, public health, family physician, pharmacist, manager, advocates, specialist, student, activist, non health government sector representatives, community health worker, social worker, educationist, allied health, clinical officer, scientists, dental professionals, environmental health practitioners, researchers, lab technician, nutritionist, psychologist, lawyer, ambulance driver, optometrist, and traditional healer.

See the AfroPHC Statement for more

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