Innocent Somboi

Innocent Somboi represents GACOPA. He completed his Diploma in Clinical Medicine (as Clinical Officer) in 2016 at Sengerema Health Training Institute, Mwanza, Tanzania after completing a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting at University of Dodoma, Tanzania. he completed a Masters of Science  in  Health Systems Management and has now started the Doctor of Medicine Degree at University of Dodoma, Tanzania. He is a skilled, quick learner, hardworking, multitalented, result oriented individual fit in a team while making valuable contributions and calm under pressure. I am open to learn new things and continual development to ensure I deliver efficient and excellent results. His career objectives are to obtain and secure a position in a growth oriented, esteemed managing institution that will expose me challenges and enable me to use my ability and skills acquired from my experience in Clinical Medicine and Health System Management and my professional trainings for the better of the Organization and improve my skills in general.