Selva Mudaly

Selva Mudaly qualified as an Environmental Health Practitioner in 1974 and went on to obtain various Certificates and Diplomas in various field of Environmental Health. He obtained the B.Tech Degree in Environmental Health. Worked in Local Government for 43 years, before retiring. He was irst person in South Africa to be awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Environmental Health – PhD. Environmental Health. He attended and participated in many International Conferences in Environmental Health, representing South Africa at the IFEH World Congress for many years, organizing the 8th World Congress on Environmental Health in Durban in 2004, presenting at the 2nd All Africa Congress in Malawi in May 2010, a paper entitled, “THE ROLE OF THE PROFESSIONAL BOARD FOR ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS IN CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND QUALITY ASSURANCE”, and organizing the 3rd All Africa Congress on Environmental Health at the I.C.C. in Durban in November 2012. He was appointed by the National Minister of Constitutional Affairs and Planning of South Africa to serve on the National Local Government Training Board for a period of 5 years and was the Deputy Chairperson of the Professional Board for EHPs of the Health Professions Council of South Africa. He was President of the South African Institute of Environmental Health since 2010 and President of the International Federation of Environmental Health from 2018 to 2020. He is currently the Chairperson of the Africa Group of the International Federation of Environmental Health. He is the first recipient of the Alfred Nzo Award for outstanding contribution in the field of Environmental Health in 2002, awarded by the National Minister of Health of South Africa. He drafted and developed the Scope of Practice for the profession of Environmental Health and carried out the first Municipal Health Services (Environmental Health) audit in the country in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017and 2018 on behalf of SALGA.