AfroPHC Conference

We are really sad that the AfroPHC Launch Conference 19th – 21st June 2020 has to be postponed. We were really eager to hug and kiss each other in a face-to-face meeting but, alas, the crisis of COVID-19 will not allow it.

We hope to develop AfroPHC as the voice of the PC/PHC team and its supporters, sharing and supporting each other in advocating for PHC and a strong team-based approach to delivery.

We are determined not to let this disease stop us. We are going to be innovative. We are going to set up a series of webinars to achieve the same objective. Various leaders in PHC across Africa will be online: family doctors from WONCA Africa, clinical officers from the African Network of Associate Clinicians, family nurse practitioners from the Association of African Advanced Nurse Practitioners, nurse leaders from the International Council of Nurses, public health practitioners from the African region of Towards Unity for Health, health educators/researchers from AfreHealth, mulitdisciplinary team members from AfriPEN, community health worker / community leaders from AMREF and a variety of other key stakeholders. We are expecting key people from WHO Global, WHO AFRO and World Bank to be there.

As a start AfroPHC is part of the WHO-WONCA partnership for a weekly webinar on COVID-19 in Africa. See here for details.

Keep an eye on the webinar tab for more.