AfroPHC Google Group

We, as frontline healthcare workers in Primary Health Care (PHC) sit isolated in our little corners. In order to impact on policy we have to be talking to each other more. AfroPHC has set up a Google Group to achieve this. There are weekly introductions of new members, introductions to key organisations supporting AfroPHC, sharing of useful summary posts on PHC in Africa and short summaries of important documents on PHC and UHC in Africa e.g. the World Health Reports on PHC and UHC.

It is the African PHC team club where we can be comfortable to share and develop our ideas. Use this group to share your ideas. Join us here!

As we progress we are planning to have a facilitated discussion on PHC in different countries. We hope you will add your view on PHC in your country when it comes up. We also want to develop special interest groups around rural health, NCDs, HIV etc. We are planning a series of AfroPHC Webinars to ensure we get to know each other even better. Check out the webinars here.