7th Sept Researcher Tools

Last months AfroPHC research meeting was very useful with 75 people participating, and more than half actively! We chatted about basic research and using the novice tools here. We also discussed a way forward and many felt that developing a database would be important. Those interested in AfroPHC research number more than 250. , I hope you will fill in this form so that we can build this network. Go here. Join us for the AfroPHC Systems Research Meeting 1-3 pm CAT Tuesday 7th September. Check your local time here.   

We will orient participants on using Orcid, ResearchGate and Google Scholar Profile. Have a try at registering yourself now. Developing and sharing these ID’s will be very useful to developing the research network.   

I am also thrilled that researchers are being stimulated to use this network to be mentored. Prettyosa Kusemwa is a nurse educator/tutor recently resigned from Chitungwiza Central Hospital in Zimbabwe. She worked as a tutor for 8 years. She holds a Masters’ degree in Nursing Sciences, having specialised in medical/surgical nursing and nursing education. She has two publications: a concept paper and research. Currently she is with her family in Mozambique and wants to apply for a PhD which centres on primary health care for deaf / hard hearing people. She will present her draft proposal at the meeting and we hope she can get feedback as well as an interested PhD supervisor. See attached concept document and presentation. Let me know if you would be interested in at least providing her some feedback and/or supervising her. Also, let me know if you want to share your proposals/research on this forum. It’s intended to be very supportive and developmental.   Join the Zoom Meeting 1-3 pm CAT Tuesday 7th September.

Tell colleagues to join AfroPHC here  and indicate their interests, including research. More about the group here.   

Pray keep well and safe 
regards, Prof. Moosa Executive Coordinator African Forum for Primary Health Care (AfroPHC)

The recording of the the session will be below after the meeting.