AfroPHC Training

WONCA Africa and AfroPHC have entered a partnership with AHLMN in delivering the online LMG-HSS course to its members.

Health system weaknesses are a major impediment to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other health targets. Globally, health systems strengthening has been recognised as critical for improvement of health services and subsequently health outcomes. This training curriculum seeks to provide both the trainers and trainees with a comprehensive approach to health system strengthening. Upon implementation, this training is expected to produce a critical mass of policy makers and practitioners who understand the tenets and principles of health systems and will contribute to overall health systems strengthening to improvement of health outcomes across Africa.

The course is in ten modules to be covered in a minimum of six months. Each module is assessed separately.

  • Module 1: Overview and context of a health system
  • Module 2: Governance in health
  • Module 3: Leadership in health
  • Module 4: Management for health
  • Module 5: Human resources for health management
  • Module 6: Health management information systems
  • Module 7: Health financing and financial management
  • Module 8: Service delivery
  • Module 9: Supply chain management
  • Module 10: Monitoring and evaluation

This course will be available at no cost (for now) but only to those who join AfroPHC here. Participants who complete the course will obtain certification by the partnership of AHLMN, WONCA Africa and AfroPHC.

A list of countries where points for continuing professional development (CPD) will be awarded will be listed here as we progress.

There will be two monthly intakes into the course. The deadlines and course starts will be as follows

  • 15th March 2020
  • 15th May 2020
  • 15th July 2020
  • 15th September 2020
  • 15th November 2020