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Africa, a continent of unparalleled diversity and dynamism, stands at a critical juncture in its health care journey. Universal Health Coverage (UHC) remains an aspiration for many African nations, and achieving it requires an approach that is both strategic and contextually appropriate. The AfroPHC Policy Framework emerges as a beacon in this endeavor, illuminating the path towards a health care system that is not only universally accessible but also tailor-made for the unique needs and challenges of the African context.

Originally drafted by Prof. Shabir Moosa, this groundbreaking document is a culmination of insightful discussions, views, and conclusions from the AfroPHC policy workshops held in 2021. This framework is not just a document; it’s a call to action for Africa to be deliberate about UHC by fostering Primary Health Care (PHC) teams that are not only fit for purpose but also intricately tailored for the multifaceted African context. The AfroPHC Policy Framework underscores the importance of robust, community-oriented, and adaptable primary health care systems as the backbone of UHC in Africa.

Prof. Moosa, in collaboration with various stakeholders, infused the framework with rich discussions, views, and conclusions from the policy workshops. These sessions saw vibrant interactions, insightful debates, and the collective wisdom of health professionals, policy-makers, academics, and community representatives, all harmonized into a coherent policy guide.The central tenet of the AfroPHC Policy Framework is simple yet profoundly transformative: to be intentional about UHC by building and adequately supporting Primary Health Care (PHC) teams that are fit for purpose and resonate with the African milieu.

Why is this Framework Crucial?
The essence of Universal Health Coverage lies in its inclusivity. Every individual, regardless of their socio-economic background or geographic location, should have access to quality health care without facing financial hardship. However, the generic blueprint for UHC may not effectively address the distinct challenges faced by the African populace. This is where the AfroPHC Policy Framework steps in, emphasizing the need for:

PHC Teams that Understand the Ground Reality: The continent’s health care nuances, from endemic diseases to infrastructural limitations, require teams that are trained, equipped, and motivated to work in the African context. Evidence shows that team based care results in better health outcomes and is more efficient and effective.

Cultural Sensitivity: Africa’s rich tapestry of cultures demands health care approaches that respect and integrate traditional beliefs and practices.

Local Ownership and Empowerment: Rather than imposing external models, there’s a pressing need to empower local communities to have a stake in shaping their health care systems.

Join the Conversation in Sydney, Australia- WONCA World Conference 2023:
The AfroPHC Policy Framework is not just a document; it’s a movement. We invite all stakeholders, from health care professionals to policymakers, to delve into this framework and contribute to the discourse. Your insights, experiences, and expertise are invaluable in refining and implementing this vision.

A workshop will be held in Sydney, providing a platform for robust discussions, exchange of ideas, and collaborative strategizing. Be part of this transformative journey and play a role in reshaping Africa’s health care future.

Let’s be intentional. Let’s be African-centered. Let’s pave the way for a UHC that truly serves the heart of Africa.

For more details on the Sydney workshop click here.

AfroPHC AGM 2023

The Annual General Meeting of AfroPHC will be run for 3 hours 12pm to 3pm GMT/2pm-5pm CAT/3pm-6pm EAT Wednesday 11th October, 2022.


  1. Welcome Remarks
  2. Adoption of minutes of previous AGM
  3. Minutes of Executive Board and Advisory Board Meetings – for noting
  4. Executive Board Report (including draft Strategic and Operational Plan) – for adoption
  5. Amendments to the Articles of Association (AA) – for adoption
  6. Launch of Policy Framework