AfroPHC Launch Apr 2021

AfroPHC was launched as a formal organisation 1-3pm on Tuesday, 20th April 2021

There was broad support for the Articles with a few other changes made by the AfroPHC Core Team. The governance of AfroPHC will be by an annual general meeting (AGM) of individual members (1 vote) and institutional members (2 votes) (with no membership fees this year), a nine-person Executive Board elected for three years that will elect leadership from within the Executive Board and meet at least quarterly. The revised Articles of Association were adopted at the launch. . There were 164 AfroPHC Members attending on Zoom with a maximum concurrent attendance of 116. There were 22 members who voted on Menti. There were 210 valid votes on Qualtrics out of a registered total of 437 AfroPHC members on EngageBay. The recording and election results are below.

Election Results

31Moosa Shabir (58, Male, Prof/Wonca Africa President, South Africa – WONCA Africa Rep)7.23%105
22Karnad Radha (40+, Female, Senior Technical Advisor for Primary Health Care and Doctor, Kenya/ USA – Jhpiego Rep)4.24%62
10Besigye Innocent (50+, Male, Family Physician, Uganda – Primafamed Rep)3.89%56
8Ana Joseph (65+, Male, Professor / Africa Centre for Clinical Governance Research & Patient Safety, Nigeria)3.47%50
51Sibanda Bongi (45+, Female, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Zimbabwe/UK)3.27%48
38Nwabufo Francoise (40+, Female, Public health, President Family Health & Development Foundation, Cameroon)3.20%46
1Abdellah Almoghirah (46, Male, Community Medicine Specialist, Sudan)3.20%46
13Chaibva Cynthia (60+, Female, PhD Nurse-Midwife, Zimbabwe)3.13%45
5Aja Godwin (57, Male, Professor, Chair of Public Health / TUFH Board, Nigeria – TUFH Rep)3.13%45
55Wangari Marie-Claire (30+, Female, Medical Doctor Co-Founder AHESS/RESPEKT, Kenya. – AHESS Rep)2.78%40
18Hugo Lizemari (40, Female, PhD Nurse, South Africa – AfrIPEN Rep)2.57%37
44Osigbesan Tolu (35, Female, Pharmacist / Advocacy and Partnerships Officer, Switzerland)2.36%35
6Amblum-AlmeÃÅr Jeshni (50+,Female, course director in Belmatt Healthcare Training, SA-UK)2.29%34
48Semlali Hassan (65, Male, Doctor Consultant in Public Health and Health Economics, Morocco)2.22%32
32Moyo Idah (50, Female, Academic Dr and Nurse, Zimbabwe)2.22%32
56Yakhama Kristine (40+, Female, Community health volunteer, Good Health Community Programmes, Kenya)2.02%30
36Nandili Mary (50+, Female, Director of Nursing and Midwifery Services in Ministry of Health, Kenya)1.95%28
27Limame Youseff (50+, Male, Professor and Expert in Ministry of Health, Mauritania)1.88%27
34Mucye Ella (19, Female, Pharmacy Student, Officer Rwandan Pharmacy Students Assoc, Rwanda)1.81%27
19Ibrahim Umar (42, Male, Community Health Officer, Director Health and Human Services YES Nigeria – YES Rep)1.81%26
17Gumizamu Caroline (25+, Female, Biotechnologist, Rwanda)1.81%26
53Stevens Enow (30, Male, Doctor/Organisation For Health in Sustainable Development (OHISD), Cameroon)1.74%25
24Khamisa Natasha (30+, Female, Academic/Researcher PhD, South Africa)1.74%25
15Gabela Mpho (38, Female, Radiographer/Public Health, South Africa)1.74%25
4Ahudey Karl William (45+, Male, Management Consultant/Counselor/Trainer, Ghana)1.74%25
21Karingithi Joan (30, Female, Doctor, Kenya)1.60%23
54Tadesse Firew (37, Male, Public Health Officer/Clinical Officer Case-Based Surveillance, Ethiopia)1.53%22
14Dandoulakis Michael (60+, Male, Dr / Rev Health Center of Kinsasa-GREEK ORTHODOX, DRC)1.39%21
52Somboi Innocent (35+, Male, Clinical Officer and Health Systems Analyst, Tanzania)1.39%20
43Oseni Tijani (45, Female, Family Physician, Nigeria)1.39%20
35Musasizi Blair (50+, Male, Lawyer in African Foundation for Community Development, Uganda)1.39%20
9Baloyi Eroll (34, Male, Environmental Health Practitioner, South Africa)1.39%20
23Katugume Prosper (23, Male, Medical Student, NUST Campus Ambassador, Uganda)1.25%18
7Amoo Oluwaseun Paul (40+, Male, Project Manager/Public Health, Nigeria)1.25%18
2Abdulhakim Zubairu (22, Male, Nurse/Pharmacy Technician Student, Nigeria)1.25%18
26Kumar Anil (30+, Male, Director Nursing, Saudi Arabia)1.18%17
11Bulbulia Aboobaker (50+, Male, Opthalmologist, South Africa)1.18%17
57Zongo Arustide (45+, Male, Diplomacy Graduate, Burkina Faso)1.11%16
47Rhali Aziz (50+, Male, Pharmacist / Consultant, Morocco)1.11%16
41Onyebuchi Eloke (35+, Male, Microbiologist /Healthcare Management Consultant, Nigeria)1.11%16
39Olaniyan Bosede (32, Female, Nurse, Nigeria)1.11%16
37Ndungu Cecilia (30+, Female, Nurse and Liaisons Officer, Healthcare Professionals Call Centre, Kenya)1.11%16
30Markus Reuben (32, Male, Nurse, President National Nursing Students Assoc, Nigeria)1.11%16
12Bun Bida Mohammed (35+, Male, Senior Development Consultant, Ghana)1.04%15
20Inderlall Raseela (50+, Female, Pharmacist, South Africa)0.97%14
49Senkyire Ephraim (35, Male, Nurse Ministry of Health, Ghana)0.90%13
33Moyo Sehlule (50+, Female, Environmental Health Practitioner, South Africa)0.83%12
46Paulo Pires (65, Male, Doctor, Mozambique)0.76%12
40Oloyede James (40+, Male, Public health and Nutrition specialist, Nigeria)0.76%11
45Pandey Ashok (35, Male, Health care researcher, Nepal)0.69%10
42Opepo Pamela (41, Female, Nursing officer, Kenya)0.69%10
3Abdullahi Suleiman (30+, Male, Nurse, Nigeria)0.69%10
28Magan Ansuyah (46, Female, Private Academic Dentist, South Africa)0.63%9
29Makazhu Robben (38, Male, Community Development Facilitator, Zimbabwe)0.56%8
25Kipkenei Silas (20+, Male, Population Health Speacialist / Project Officer Deliverance Church USAIDCASEOVC Project, Kenya)0.49%7
50Shabangu Simon (40+, Male, Dietitian, Jhb Health District, South Africa)0.35%5
16Goldberg Colin (50+, Male, Basic Ambulance Assistant, South Africa)0.28%4

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