Hugo Lizemari

Hugo Lizemari (PhD Nurse, South Africa – AfrIPEN Rep)

Dr Lizemari Hugo is a Nurse and Afripen member and member of the capacity development group from Afripen in Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa. 

A short introduction: My name in Lizemari Hugo-van Dyk and I kicked off my career in PHC in 2008 by founding a mobile clinic “Care for Zumbo” serving 12 villages along the Zambezi and Luangwa river. Here I had the opportunity to work alongside a wonderful team of interprofessionals serving communities from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique. In 2013, I was appointed as a clinical facilitator at the University of the Free State responsible for the clinical learning of second year undergraduate students in PHC facilities. Also, seeing the importance of interprofessional collaboration I joined AFRIPEN and serves on the capacity development group. Currently, I am a senior lecturer at the University of the Free State still coordinating PHC learning in our undergraduate programme with a specific focus to equip clinical facilitators to best support students’ learning in PHC and other specialties. .

Lizemari’s interest in AfroPHC: I believe the time has come where healthcare professionals can not be an island on their own. We need to collaborate to provide quality healthcare, especially on PHC level being the first contact with patients. AfroPHC is the ideal organization and platform to bring the interprofessional healthcare together in an effort to promote quality patient care and universal health coverage