Kipkenei Silas

  • Kipkenei Silas (Population Health Speacialist / Project Officer Deliverance Church USAIDCASEOVC Project, Kenya)
  • Mr SILAS KIPKENEI is a Population Health Speacialist and Project Officer from Deliverance Church USAIDCASE OVC Project Nakuru in Nakuru, Nakuru, Kenya.

    A short introduction: A Project Officer with over 5 years of successful experience in planning, organizing and managing project schedules, identifying and limiting risks, and maintaining all crucial documentation of quality work done in a timely manner. Recognized consistently for performance excellence and contributions to success in USAID CASE OVC project. Strengths in collaborating with other agencies, team members and program team backed by training in Population Health.

    SILAS’s interest in AfroPHC: As an experienced project officer, the advertisement of AfroPHC link sparked my interest. When reviewing the organization objectives in your organization’s website, I was excited to find that my qualifications and personal strengths align with your needs. I bring a comprehensive set of skills that I believe will be valuable to AfroPHC. In project officer role, I honed my abilities in project implementation expenditure, proposal writing and administrative support. My management, peoplecentric nature, and compassion have afforded me excellent collaboration and team work skills.