Markus Reuben

  • Markus Reuben (Nurse, President National Nursing Students Assoc, Nigeria)
  • Nurse (Nr.) Reuben Ziraghi Markus is a Nurse and National President from Nigerian Universities Nursing Students Association (NUNSA) in Maiduguri, Borno, Nigeria.

    A short introduction: I am Nurse Reuben Ziraghi Markus, a final year Nursing student from University of Maiduguri, as well as the National President of the Nigerian Universities Nursing Students. I am kamwe by tribe from Michika LGA, Adamawa State, Nigeria. I was once the President of National Association of Food, Science and Technology Students (NAFSTS). I worked with medicines Sans Frontieres (Msf) France for about 5years as a Nurse/Nutrition Assistant and as Infection Prevention Control (IPC) focal person for 1 year.

    Reuben Ziraghi’s interest in AfroPHC: I am interested because of the high interest placed by the organization in developing support strategies collectively in ensuring a better PHC and UHC..