Onyebuchi Eloke

  • Onyebuchi Eloke (Microbiologist / Healthcare Management Consultant, Nigeria)
  • Mr. Onyebuchi Eloke is a Healthcare management consultant and from in Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

    A short introduction: I am Eloke Onyebuchi, a trained microbiologist. Global health and Public health strategist. Advocate for UHC and social justice. Quality healthcare evaluator and trainer. Researcher. Healthcare management consultant/Chief Executive Officer Onyibupet Consulting Limited: A healthcare management consulting firm in Abuja, Nigeria. I have more than 15years of combined international and national post Bachelor of Science degree experience on public health development programs, policy review and design, strategy, planning, programme evaluator and advocacy. I have attended various universal lectures and have also appeared on several international and National television talk show/interview on program design on existing or emerging health issues, especially on youth policies and programs on HIV/AIDS prevention campaign (http://youtu.be/Rtq22eQyOR4) and polio immunization and have also conducted several seminars and workshop colloquium, on improvement of quality healthcare in PHC level, polio immunization and gender based advocacy campaign on HIV/AIDs and sexual reproductive health, as a resource person, where I provided the technical lead on policies and strategic program design across the board. Also, as an author of many peer reviewed published articles and national newspaper published work on health issues, I led a campaign to United Nations, where I discussed with top United Nations officials after I wrote to the previous “UNSG” for implementation of our design as a UN working document for youth leadership/ownership on HIV/AIDS response as a rationale to enhance universal youth response to HIV/AIDS..

    Onyebuchi’s interest in AfroPHC: To advocate for quality healthcare at the PHC level in Africa..