Opepo Pamela

Opepo Pamela (Nursing officer, Kenya)

Pamela Opope, Nursing officer from Kenya

I am a Kenyan trained nurse with almost 30 years of service working for the government of Kenya. I have worked in various levels of facilities beginning with a dispensary to the National level nursing a wide range patients with varied conditions from communicable to non communicable ones. At the onset of the covid 19 pandemic I worked at the isolation ward from March after I trained on covid management until September when I left for studies. I am an IPC TOT and a member of the county IPC Committee.

Interest: Having worked with and within communities at various levels, people of different economic and social classes, I feel really motivated to be involved in nurse empowerment to help bring forward the importance of Primary Health Care as a concept in the achievement of UHC goals, focussing on the nurse as a very vital team player. I wish to involve as many nurses in the country as possible to let them realize the power in capacity building.