Paulo Pires

Paulo Pires (Doctor, Mozambique)

Dr. Paulo Pires is a Doctor from Universidade Lúrio in Nampula, Nampula, Moçambique. A short introduction:


a) Scientific. Family medicine: a long and extensive experience of medical practice in family medicine, exceeding 120,000 individual consultations and 7,000 hospitalizations in primary and differentiated health care in developed, and lowand middle-income countries. Health and development: a diversified practice of integrating, projecting, financing, implementing and evaluating health interventions for development in developed and low- and middle-income countries. Health research: a long experience of protocol design, conducting studies and publications in the areas of clinical, operational and implementation research, in contexts of scarce resources. Teaching of medicine: nine years of teaching in medical graduation and in the training of Teachers and Doctors, evaluation and curriculum development.

b) Leadership. Under the motto “primum interpares” and open communication, I have dynamized and directed various teams in the areas of medicine, health, research, development, business, administration, with interdisciplinary, multicultural and international groups in public, private and social economy institutions (associations, cooperatives and other nongovernmental organizations).

c) Financing. A continuous practice for 36 years in the preparation of projects and obtaining public and private financing, with economic management of national funds (State Secretariat for the Environment, Institute of Employment and Vocational Training, Tourism Fund, Portugal, Government of Galicia, Spain, Ministry of Health, Institutional Development Fund of the Ministry of Education, Mozambique) and international (European Commission, European Social Fund, Portugal, PEPFAR, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, European Commission, Mozambique).

d) Communication. Speaking, writing and reading currently Portuguese, French, English and Spanish, using information and communication technologies, having performed dozens of presentations in meetings, workshops and congresses in America (Brazil, Panama), Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Italy), Southeast Asia (Timor Lorosae) and Africa (Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Kenya, Uganda). I published several articles of opinion, keep a blog on the internet and promote a digital network of information, training and medical discussion.

e) Attitude. An optimistic personality determines that each problem has a solution, marking a positive behaviour to approach personal and professional situations, with a method permanently phased in evaluation – action – reassessment – action, effective in overcoming difficulties and obstacles. A cooperative, assertive and resilient character with high ethical and professional standards.

Paulo’s interest in AfroPHC: Family Medicine implementation in Mozambique is capital to change this country Health paradigm..