Tadesse Firew

Tadesse Firew (Public Health Officer/Clinical Officer Case-Based Surveillance, Ethiopia)

Firew Tadesse, Public Health Officer/Clinical Officer, Case Based Surveillance Ethiopia

Intro: I am Firew Tadesse from Ethiopia, and I’ve spent the last ten years working full time after graduate of Bachelor of Science and Master of Public Health as a Health Care system managing for different positions (Health Facilities Manager, coordinating department or Core process, Supervising Health teams and analyzing annual reports) in organizations. During this time, I have gained extensive experience of developing plan, organizing and coordinating health programs, collaboratively working with different teams, supporting, coordinating and presenting reports.

Interest: To me, it is an exciting opportunity to improve my level of position on the health system and I want to empower myself in all over Africa. So that Afro PHC is the best place to see my self and to learn from different groups