Conference 2022

The AfroPHC Conference will be online 1-4pm CAT on 17 and 18 May 2022. The theme will be “Building the PHC team for UHC in Africa”. We will focus on the draft policy framework. See latest below. (This draft still has some comments that have not been acted on yet. A task team will take these and the conference comments and finalise the document for the next phase: wider consultations with stakeholders, including AfroPHC chapters, across Africa [May-Sept 2022]; Executive/Advisory Board Workshop [Oct 2022] and Document Launch [Nov-Dec 2022].)

All participants will be welcomed by the AfroPHC President, Dr Innocent Besigye.

Prof Shabir Moosa, AfroPHC Executive Coordinator, will facilitate a panel providing preliminary comments in the first hour of the first day (11am-12pm GMT 17th May). The panel includes Dr Anna Stavdal, World President of WONCA – World Organisation of Family Doctors, Dr Humphrey Karamagi, leading Health Systems and Services Development at WHO AFRO, Dr. Jeff Markuns, Executive Director of PHCPI, Prof Joseph Ana, Lead Consultant and Trainer at the Africa Centre for Clinical Governance Research and Patient Safety in Calabar, Nigeria and Dr. Champion Nyoni, Chair of Africa Interprofessional Education Network (AfrIPEN).

All participants will then be broken into small groups to discuss the draft policy framework 2-4pm CAT the rest of the first day, Tuesday 17th May. The groups will elect a facilitator and rapporteur to take notes. They will then discuss parts of the draft policy framework using the following questions:

  • What do you like?
  • What do you not understand?
  • What do you NOT like and what are your alternative suggestions?
  • What should the five key recommendations of the document be?
  • Give examples of PHC teamwork and African evidence for the document, where ever possible.

All groups will come together 1-4pm CAT on Wednesday 18th May to hear feedback from all groups. This will be actively assimilated. The panel will comment on the feedback and guide a way forward on the draft policy framework.

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