Policy Workshop Series

We are planning a series of  AfroPHC Policy Workshops 1-4 pm Central African Time on the third Tuesday of every month. All workshops will be in the format of a moderated discussion with panellists and then group discussion and feedback.

  • 16th March 2021: PHC HR Management
  • 20th April 2021: PHC Funding
  • 18th May 2021: PHC HR Academic Development
  • 15th June 2021: Supporting CHWs and Health Promotion in PHC
  • 20th July 2021: PHC Teamwork (IPCEP)
  • 17th August 2021: Complexities in PHC/UHC
  • 21st September 2021: Quality-safety for PHC/UHC
  • 19th October 2021: Rural PHC, Women in PHC
  • 16th November 2021: Digital health for PHC/UHC
  • Other topics being considered are environment and PHC, PHC workers’ health, women in PHC, health equity, conflict, and catastrophe, etc.

Register here to join the series and help us shape how AfroPHC, as the African collaborative of PHC frontline stakeholders, can advocate for appropriate PHC and UHC in Africa. These workshops will be accredited for continuing medical education (CME)/continuing professional development (CPD) across many African countries. Join AfroPHC to get involved.