Policy Workshops

AfroPHC has been making several attempts to support networking amongst members/leaders of the PHC team in Africa.

There was a series of webinars introducing the various organisations supporting AfroPHC from Mar to May 2020. These webinars introduced the range of health professionals involved in Primary Health Care in Africa.

  • 18th Feb – Nursing: ICN, AAAPN, Midwifery, Nursing Now
  • 17th Mar – Doctors/Clinical Officers: WONCA, ANAC (Associate Clinicians)
  • 21st April – Public Health/CHWs: AMREF, TUFH
  • 19th May – Educators/Team: AFREHealth, AfriPEN, Primafamed

AfroPHC then had a three-day Workshop 8-9 September 2020 to get members of the PHC team engaged in collectively developing key ideas about PHC in Africa.

  • “What does the community expect from ambulatory PHC service delivery in Africa?”
  • “Who should be part of the PHC team”
  • “How should the PHC team work in ambulatory PHC service delivery in Africa
  • “What is needed to support them?”

An AfroPHC Statement emerged from the workshop.

AfroPHC is supporting member organisations in the development of their disciplines. One of them is the Advanced Nurse Practitioner. There was an APN Symposium on 27th and 28th November 2020.

PHC in UHC Workshop happened on 10th December 2020 and a PHC in UHC Workshop report emerged from this workshop.

We have a series of AfroPHC Policy Workshops 1-4 pm Central African Time on the third Tuesday of every month from 2021 to help build a shared perspective amongst PHC team members across Africa. All workshops are in the format of a moderated discussion with panellists and then group discussion and feedback. 

Join the series and help us shape how AfroPHC, as the African collaborative of PHC frontline stakeholders, can advocate for appropriate PHC and UHC in Africa. These workshops will be accredited for continuing medical education (CME)/continuing professional development (CPD) across many African countries. There will also be English/French/Portuguese translators available. Join AfroPHC to get involved.

Register for the AfroPHC Policy Workshop series below