AfroPHC Workshop 18th Aug PHC in Health Professions Education

AfroPHC, AfrIPEN and the University of Western Cape invite you to a joint blended eWorkshop 1.30-3.30 pm Central Africa Time on Wednesday 18th August. At the start of the academic year, the IPEU of UWC disseminates IPE learning and teaching activity dates to the faculty. UWC has an IPE Faculty Development Workshop on 18th Aug and has offered to do this jointly with AfroPHC and AfrIPEN. In this way, we are hoping to attract a larger audience and greater participation from our respective communities. The idea is to use the five principles of PHC as the session themes where each theme will commence with a 10-15 min presentation on how the principle has been incorporated into the curricula of the speaker’s department. Dr. Champion Nyoni, President of AfrIPEN and Executive Board member of AfroPHC, will introduce each session and the speaker(s). It will be very interactive by following each theme with a practical activity in a breakout session to ensure optimal engagement and benefit for each attendee.

The theme of the event is “Primary Health Care in Health Professions Education. An opportunity for Interprofessional Education“.

The speakers from a range of disciplines are:

Labeeqah Jaffer (MA Psych) is the course convenor of an interprofessional module called Interdisciplinary Health Promotion. She has been employed in the Interprofessional Education Unit for 5 years. She will be talking to the principle called “Health Promotion/ Focus on Prevention” Presentation

Cassandra Carels (PhD candidate, Psych) plays a big role in the operations of the UWC vaccination center, which offers vaccines to UWC staff and students, and their families. We have asked her to speak to the “Equitable Distribution / Accessibility” of services principle of PHC. Presentation

Violet Adonis (M. Social Work) is in Social Work and she works to ensure health/social services are delivered to marginalized communities. She will be speaking to the “Multisectoral Approach” principle of PHC Presentation

Takwing Yu (MSc Physio therapy) is an associate lecturer in the Physiotherapy Department. His research interests include learning and teaching with the use of technology, clinical education, and virtual reality technology. Given his passion for technology, Takwing is currently registered for his Ph.D. which will be in the field of Virtual Reality and Physiotherapy. Presentation

Serena Isaacs (details soon to be added) Presentation

See recording below.