AfroPHC Workshop 18th May 2021

Join the AfroPHC Policy Workshop on 18th May 2021 on “Development of PHC clinicians in Africa”. This will be in the format of a moderated discussion with panellists and then group discussion and feedback.

We will have three prominent African experts to share their perspectives on clinical training in the first 90 minutes.

  • Professor Bob Mash,  Executive Head: Department of Family and Emergency Medicine and Head: Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care. Mash edited the textbooks, A Handbook of Family Medicine, the SA Family Practice Manual, and the SA Clinical Nurse Practitioner’s Manual, all of which have become the standard texts for family medicine programmes throughout sub-Saharan Africa.  He is the editor-in-chief of the African Primary Health Care and Family Medicine journal. He has helped develop the Primary Care and Family Medicine network (Primafamed), a network of family medicine and primary care departments across 25 African countries.
  • Ms. Bongi Sibanda is an Advanced Practice educator, healthcare consultant & Advanced Nurse Practitioner with special interests in Interprofessional Education/Collaborative Practice (IPECP) and Health Policy. Her areas of clinical and teaching expertise are in advanced practice, emergency and primary care, research ethics, and clinical leadership. Bongi has served in senior nursing leadership roles at regional and international levels. She has served as a Co-Chair for the Practice Subgroup and a Core Steering Group member of the International Council of Nurses – Nurse Practitioner/APN Network. Until August 2019, she was a board member of the African Interprofessional Education Network (AfrIPEN) responsible for policy development work and is currently collaborating with international colleagues at the InterprofessionalGlobal Policy Working Group updating the WHO (2010) Framework on IPE. She has, until recently, spearheaded the development of an Anglophone African Advanced Nurse Practice Curriculum Framework.
  • Mr. Scott Smalley is the Head of Division of Clinical Associates under the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a Faculty Member and Lecturer for the Bachelor of Clinical Medical Practice Degree programme providing education, clinical coordination, and curriculum development to train students to be certified and registered as Clinical Associates, South Africa‚Äôs new healthcare professional. Scott has provided medical care and training as a Certified Physician Assistant in the US, as a Clinical Officer in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia and currently as a Registered Clinical Associate in South Africa. He is passionate about promoting the future development and training for all Physician Associate education programs through partnerships, collaboration and global communication. He is current President of the International Academy of Physician Associate Educators (IAPAE)

After their presentations on the state of clinical training in Africa (30 min each), we will break into smaller groups to discuss the question: How can we improve collaboration in the training of PHC clinicians in Africa?

These workshops will be accredited for continuing medical education (CME)/continuing professional development (CPD) across many African countries. There will also be English/French/Portguese translators available. Join AfroPHC to get involved. See slides and recording below.