Management Training

Health system weaknesses are a major impediment to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other health targets. Globally, health systems strengthening has been recognised as critical for improvement of health services and subsequently health outcomes. This training curriculum seeks to provide both the trainers and trainees with a comprehensive approach to health system strengthening. Upon implementation, this training is expected to produce a critical mass of policy makers and practitioners who understand the tenets and principles of health systems and will contribute to overall health systems strengthening to improvement of health outcomes across Africa.

AfroPHC is running the online Leadership, Management and Governance for Health System Strengthening (LMG-HSS) Course to our members in a partnership with AHLMN in ten modules over 10 months in 2022. Each module is assessed separately. AfroPHC will implement a monthly meeting and a Google Group as a discussion group per module where subject experts and e-mentors can share relevant material and answer questions. See the modules and more detail in the curriculum below. Participants who complete the course will obtain certification by the partnership of AHLMN and AfroPHC.

Curriculum and pdf of all material

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See video below for an orientation on the learning management system. There will be no further orientations but here is a summary: Once you are enrolled you should receive an email providing you the zoom link. AMREF will provide you login details a few days later, with username and password. Please log in via to access the course on the Amref Jibu learning platform using a browser, with your username and password. Visit the Jibu page for more info. You can also download the Jibu App from your App store (you can download material onto the App and use offline (without internet) on phone and tablet). See details here. The French version of the course will also be listed and accessible.


If you have any challenges receiving this, with logging in or using the learning management system, directly contact Brenda at | +254 708 444855 (WhatsApp). Also join the student WhatsApp group to address technical challenges to Brenda.

This course is available at no cost (for now) to AfroPHC Members. The NEW deadline for registration for 2022 is 30th June 2022. Registered students will have until end 2022 to complete it. Join AfroPHC if you want to enrol in the course and indicate your interest. If you are already an AfroPHC member then show your interest by filling in the form below.