AfroPHC Systems Research

AfroPHC is setting up a Primary Health Care (PHC) Systems Research Group as a transdisciplinary group addressing African PHC System issues. We meet 1-3 pm CAT on the 1st Tuesday of every month. The objectives of the group are:

  • To develop an understanding of key documents affecting PHC systems
  • To share relevant published research on PHC systems in Africa
  • To share and review research work in progress on PHC systems in Africa
  • To mentor master’s researchers
  • To network for collaborative research projects.

The monthly two-hour meeting will mainly review key PHC systems documents, share African PHC System published by group members and present/review research work in progress on PHC systems in Africa. Register below to join us.

AfroPHC Research Mentorship (ARM) Programme

The AfroPHC Research Mentorshop (ARM) Programme is to guide a novice researcher to complete a proposal ready for ethics submission in a year. Those who join AfroPHC and/or show their interest in research below will get further emails to gauge their interest in the ARM Programme. Anyone in the African PHC team can apply as a Researcher (whether current university student or not). We are particularly interested, if you have to skills as a Supervisor (Masters/PhD and tasks of liaising with student 1-2 weekly (at least mthly) to complete tasks). The deadline for the mentorship programme will be end July 2022. See useful resources below as well as the 2022 schedule of meetings to support this process. See the list of Researchers/Supervisors to date, including research questions.

Novice Researcher Resources


Primary Care Research Methods and African Health Systems in The African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine (PHCFM)

Using ORCID; Researchgate; Google Scholar Profile

Reference Managers: Zotero (free), Mendeley

Meetings 2021

  • 4th May 2021 – Jeff Markuns: Overview of Global Documents on PHC/UHC
  • 1st June 2021 – Prosper Tumusiime: Overview of African Documents on PHC/UHC
  • 6th July 2021 – cancelled
  • 3rd August 2021 – Shabir Moosa: Developing the AfroPHC Research Platform
  • 7th September 2021 – Pretty Kusemva shared her PhD Proposal.
  • 5th October 2021 – cancelled.
  • 2nd November 2021: Senkyire Ephraim Kumi: Research ID’s and Collaborative Possibilities

Meetings 2022

Each meeting will also review development of Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRNs) as well as any collaborative AfroPHC research projects embarked on.

Meetings 2023

List of concept notes 2022

Please indicate below if you are interested in the research group