Join us at the AfroPHC for UHC Workshop 10th Dec 2020

“Taking PHC Workforce Issues forward under UHC”

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Our vision

The African Forum for Primary Care (AfroPHC) consists of diverse multidisciplinary primary health care (PHC) workforce stakeholders from across Africa who share a vision for African PHC service delivery: It should be comprehensive, accessible, high quality, responsive to local needs, in partnership with communities and delivered by strong teamwork, training and supportive supervision

AfroPHC Statement

Welcome to AfroPHC for UHC

Welcome by World Organisation of Family Doctors (Wonca) Welcome by International Council of Nurses (ICN) Welcome by Physician Assistants for Global Health (PAGH)

Innocent Besigye says “Join us”

Watch Innocent Besigye, a family physician, say “Join us at the AfroPHC for UHC Workshop on 10th December”

Luzaan Africa calls out

Watch Luzaan Africa, a PHC worker, call out to you to join the AfroPHC for UHC Workshop on 10th December.