About AfroPHC

African Forum for Primary Health Care

We, as health workers on the frontlines of Primary Care (PC) services in health systems of Africa and supporters of the Primary Health Care (PHC) approach, are committed to achieving universal health coverage (UHC) in Africa. However, it is very easy for UHC to be seen as a financial solution without the required reform in PC service delivery. The centrality of PHC to UHC efforts may become lip service especially when frontline PC worker voices are ignored in Africa. We feel that there is a serious risk of African UHC becoming directed towards specialist and hospital services focused on vocal city elites, rather than PC services and PHC approach that serves the often-silent masses, especially in rural communities.

We welcome the UHC Declaration, adopted at the High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage in New York on 23rd September 2019, for Clause 37 under “Strengthen PHC for UHC”. However, it does not specifically address human resources for PC services, specifically the need for everyone to have access to well-trained health workers in their first contact with health care.  Overly-simplistic solutions for PC services through vertical disease-based approaches are not sustainable. We welcome the move by WHO towards PC services that are integrated, continuous and people-centred. We know that there is a human resource shortage in Africa and believe strongly in the need for teamwork. This must include family doctors, clinical officers/associates, nurses (including advanced-trained nurses and midwives), public health professionals, community health workers and many others in a PC/PHC team-based approach to well-defined populations that builds accountable care for the people of Africa. We are all committed to innovatively building the capacity of PC/PHC teams at scale in Africa.

We plan to bring together the leadership of ALL health workers at the coalface in African primary care and ensure that we ALL have a voice in policy on PC/PHC in Africa. We hope to develop an African Forum for Primary Health Care (AfroPHC) as the voice of the PC/PHC team and its supporters, sharing and supporting each other in advocating for PHC. The European Forum for Primary Care serves as a useful example and a possible supporting organisation.

See AfroPHC Statement

AfroPHC is an organisation of leaders of PHC healthcare workers across Africa. It has strong diversity of members and elected board members, all keen to advocate for appropriate PHC and Universal Health Coverage (UHC). AfroPHC has a strong vision, mission and strategic objectives for African primary care service delivery.

AfroPHC Executive Board

President: Besigye Innocent (Family Physician, Uganda – Primafamed)

Vice-President: Nwabufo Francoise (Public health, President Family Health & Development Foundation, Cameroon)

Executive Coordinator: Moosa Shabir (Professor/Family Physician, South AfricaWONCA Africa)

Other Members

  • Abdellah Almoghirah (Community Medicine Specialist, Sudan)
  • Aja Godwin (Professor / Chair of Public Health / TUFH Board, NigeriaTUFH)
  • Ana Joseph (Professor / Africa Centre for Clinical Governance Research & Patient Safety, Nigeria
  • Chaibva Cynthia (PhD Nurse-Midwife, Zimbabwe)
  • Karnad Radha (Doctor, Kenya)
  • Wangari Marie-Claire (Medical Doctor Co-Founder AHESS / RESPEKT, Kenya. – AHESS)
  • Osigbesan Tolu (Pharmacist / Advocacy and Partnerships Officer, NCD Alliance, Nigeria/Switzerland)
  • Champion Nyoni (PhD Nurse, South Africa – AfrIPEN)

A key part of the strategy is build alliances and networks. We have reached out to a number of organisations that are pan-African or global in nature and very important to our mission to support AfroPHC. See list of AfroPHC Supporting Organisations. We set up an Advisory Board (up to 30 members and mostly from AfroPHC Supporting Organisations) to meet at least six monthly to review our work and build strong collaborations.

AfroPHC Advisory Board

See Articles of Association

List of original supporting organisations.

  • Prof. Shabir Moosa, President WONCA Africa (for family doctors)
  • Dr. David Lusale, African Network of Associate Clinicians (for clinical officers/associates)
  • Ms. Bongi Sibanda, AAAPN Coalition (for family nurse practitioners)
  • Dr Lillian Dodzo, (for midwives)
  • Dr. Thembeka Gwagwa, ICN (for nurses generally)
  • Dr. Prosper Tumusiime, WHO AFRO
  • Prof. Godwin Aja, Africa Regional Board Member, Towards Unity For Health (for public health practitioners)
  • Prof Marietjie de Villiers, President AFREHealth (for health educators / researchers in Africa)
  • Dr. Champion Nyoni, AfrIPEN (for allied health professions and interprofessional practice)
  • Dr. George Kimathi, AMREF (for CHWs/community stakeholders)
  • Ms. Nkechi Olalere, Coordinator SPARC (for strategic purchasing officials)
  • Dr. Francis Ohanyido, The West African Institute of Public Health and its Academy (for public health)
  • Prof Bob Mash, Primafamed (for family medicine educators)